Do you Struggle to Be Content?

learn three simple techniques to help recognize discontentment in your life and eliminate it.

Hello. My name is Austin.

I have struggled with contentment all of my life. My focus was always on the next phase of life. Constantly thinking about how much happier I would be with the next job, hobby, trip, or gadget. I was a captive to the mindset of more. Discontentment was destroying many aspects of my life:

Health. Fear of making the wrong choice and missing out on an opportunity caused anxiety.

Finances. Buying things I didn’t need because subconsciously I thought it would bring me happiness.

Confidence. Comparing my success to others made me feel insecure and jealous.

Career. Incapable of appreciating my current situation, boredom hindered my performance at work.

Relationships. An unhealthy focus on bettering myself made it challenging to find time for others, and my relationships suffered because of it.

In my free 3-day Create Contentment Challenge, I share 3 simple techniques I discovered to help recognize the source of discontentment in your life and eliminate it. Contentment is hard, but let’s work together to create satisfaction in our lives.

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